Non Reving Rules

Rules and Etiquette of Non Rev Travel

The following list of items covers the rules and etiquette when flying non rev. Some rules are strictly enforced by the airline. If you do not comply with the rules it could not only prevent you from getting on the airplane, but it could suspend the pass privileges of the employee or retiree.

  1. Cooperate with the ticket and gate agents. The gate agents have a very busy job when trying to get a plane out on time. Once you have checked in with the gate, they know you are there so there is no need to keep pestering them. Just stay seated as close to the counter as you can so if your name is called you will hear it. If you don’t make the flight, give the gate agents a few minutes to close out the flight before asking for information on other flights. If you are nice and patient with them, they are usually the same back to you. If for some reason you have a problem with one, it won’t do you any good to argue and fight with them at the gate. Take their name down and report it later or find a supervisor and deal with it discretely.
  2. Cooperate with the flight attendants. There are times when passengers need to switch seats with others for family or for FAA reasons. If a flight attendant needs you to move to a different seat to accommodate other passengers, then do so.
  3. If you are given a seat that may not be your first choice (ie a middle seat), you can ask the gate agent if another seat is available. If not, then smile, say thank you, and take what was given to you. Don’t ask a revenue customer to switch seats with you once you are on the airplane.
  4. Follow the dress code. Don’t expect to sneak past the gate agent with the improper dress.
  5. Bring your identification. This includes passport and other documents if you are traveling international.
  6. Check your bag when asked by the flight attendant if the overhead baggage compartments are full when you board.
  7. Don’t pack valuables in your checked luggage. As a standby traveler, the airline is not liable for lost, damaged, delayed or stolen goods in your luggage.
  8. Don’t be loud or act in a silly matter in the gate area or on the airplane.
  9. Don’t bring attention to the paying customers that you are a non rev passenger. If asked, you can discretely tell a paying customer.
  10. Don’t expect first class. However, it might be wise to dress for it in case you have the opportunity.
  11. Don’t expect meals. They may not have enough. Revenue passengers are served first. And if you don’t get the choice you want when the flight attendants come to you, then either accept what they have or say no thank you.
  12. Never over indulge when it comes to drinking alcohol.
  13. Generally, headsets and other amenities that the paying customers must pay for must be paid by you as well. Don’t expect to get anything for free. (Unless you’re in first class.)