General FAQs

What airlines do you provide the PSA’s for?
We provide PSA’s for over 130 airlines around the world. A complete list of airline is available at the following link https://www.nonrevloads.com/airline-list/

How do you get your data?
We obtain data from a major global distribution system and the airlines. We then look at how many seats are still for sale on that flight, interpret that data, put into our complex formulas to determine the Passenger Seat Availability class for that flight. We factor in typical no shows, miss connects and weight restrictions.

Why can’t you show me the actual numbers for flight?
We do not have access to the exact numbers for a flight as the airlines guard that as proprietary information. The only information we can obtain is how many seats are still for sale on that flight.

Does your system take into account the number of Non Rev’s listed for a flight?
No it does not. We are unable to determine exactly how many Non Rev’s are listed or are checked in for a flight. The PSA category is based solely on the number of seats still available for sale for that flight.

Can’t log in?
Make sure you have typed in your email and password correctly. If that still doesn’t solve the problem, then try the password reset and you will be emailed a new password. You can update the new password after you log in by clicking on MY PROFILE in the top right corner.

How to unsubscribe?
If you are in a reoccurring subscription, after you log in, click on UNSUBSCRIBE locate in the top right box.


PSA’s are different for same route?
If you have made a search that has a multiple leg route, the PSA for the 2nd and 3rd leg may show worse than it actually is. This is due to the connection factors are decreasing the odds of making that flight as a non rev. For the most accurate PSA results, search each route segment by segment.

PSA shows Oversold but seat estimator shows 3 seats?
On this flight, we estimate that 3 standbys will get on. However, since it is oversold in the PSA, this means that the odds of miss connects and other restrictions are low.