About Us

Airline Employee Travel Services, LLC owns and operates the web site www.NonRevLoads.com which was started in 2007. Brad Deines, founder and President of Airline Employee Travel Services LLC, saw a need to assist the Non Rev traveling public.

“We wanted to make a web site that not only helped Non Rev’s with information and resources, but we wanted to bring the latest technology to them. Information is power, and we give our customers the power to Non Rev efficiently with the tools on our web site. When someone is traveling as a Non Rev, we wanted to make it as stress free as possible. We believe we have done that with our web site.”

Brad Deines

We love to hear feedback, comments and suggestions for our web site. Please contact us at support@nonrevloads.com if you have anything share.

Thank you for using NonRevLoads.com and we wish you safe, stress free travel.

The NonRevLoads.com Team