NonRevLoads.com’s mission is help non revenue passengers flying standby throughout the world by providing checkin services, passenger seat availability, and other valuable information and services.

What is a Non Rev?

There are two types of passengers on an airplane, the first being a revenue passenger who purchased a ticket for an actual seat on the airplane. The second type is a Non Revenue, or Non Rev as it is referred to in the airline industry. This is normally an airline employee, retiree, and their family who are flying standby at no cost, or for a very small fee. Other Non Rev travelers would include “buddy pass” travelers, and other interline travelers. Non Rev travelers fly on a standby basis and only get a seat when there are available seats at the last minute right before departure

When flying standby, there are 3 golden rules

  1. Be as high on the standby list as possible.
  2. Find the flight with the most open seats.
  3. Always have backup flights.

Golden Rule #1 – Be as high on the standby list as possible.

When there are open seats on an airplane the gate agents pull up the “standby list” of passengers about 10 minutes before departure. This list contains all the names of “standby” passengers that are trying to get on this flight. This would include “revenue” passengers who missed an earlier flight or are trying to leave early. After the revenue passengers, comes the Non Rev list. This list is broken down in priorities based on several factors depending on the airline´s Non Rev policies.

As the golden rule states, the higher you are on this list the better. As empty airplane seats are becoming harder and harder to obtain, being high on standby lists gives you the best opportunity to get that last empty seat. With some airline policies, the time you check in determines in part where you fall on this list. So checking in as soon as possible can rank you higher on the list. Some airlines allow web checkin, while others only allow you to checkin 4 hours prior to departure at the ticket counter, kiosk or at the gate. The time you checkin could mean the difference between getting on the flight you want or having to wait several hours, or the even the next day for the next flight.

Golden Rule #2 – Find the flight with the most open seats.

By accessing the Passenger Seat Availability (PSA) tool, you can check any flight, on almost any airline around the world, to see how the seat capacity looks. We categorize each flight with five descriptive categories – Oversold, Capacity, Poor, Ok and Great. So look for the OK and GREAT flights to non rev on to improve your chances of getting on a flight.

Once you choose a flight, we will keep you posted on the status of the PSA of that flight via emails and alerts sent to your mobile phone at convenient times you choose before departure. Time choices are 24, 12, 6, 4, 3, 2, and 1 hour(s) prior to departure. This way you stay informed as to the latest information for your flight.

Golden Rule #3 – Always have back up flights.

Nothing is ever a guarantee with air travel. Cancellations, maintenance, weather delays, etc. wreak havoc on the system and that includes Non Reving. With our member services plan, you can elect up to 2 back up flights to be included in your email and mobile alerts schedule. So not only will we send you information about how your primary flight looks, but also up to 2 back up flights in case the primary flight all of a sudden looks bad.

Member Services

By becoming a member of NonRevLoads.com, you get a many more features that give you the power to Non Rev efficiently and stress free.

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Note: There may be charges associated with sending flight alert messages to your cell phone or mobile device. Also, email gateways provided by cell phone service providers may not provide timely delivery of flight alert messages. Check with your service provider to learn more about their service and costs.